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Install Firefox from .deb (not from snap) on Ubuntu

The latest Ubuntu LTS ships Firefox as a snap instead of a deb package. But if you prefer to install the browser in the traditional way like me, here is...

Logitech MX Master on Linux

The basic functionality of the mouse should work with no particular configuration if using the unified receiver USB dongle. However, I miss the gestures of pressing my thumb and moving...

Algorithm Analysis (Big O) with Python

I started blogging about things that I care about to keep knowledge in my head and have these concepts present. I am not an expert on them, but the idea...

SOLID Principles in Python

These five principles are not a specific ordered list (do this, then that, etc.) but a collection of best practices. It’s a mnemonic vehicle to be remembered.

Running Ubuntu ARM64 with Docker

Hi there! Here is a basic guide and easy way to run Ubuntu ARM64 or any Docker container in different architectures.

Converting my old iPhone into a bot

Hi there, I wanted to create a Twitter bot recently for personal purposes, but the data I wanted to tweet is from another iOS app that doesn’t have any public...

Hello World

Hi, this is my first blog post.